Non-resident applicants with no current real estate license in the state in which they completed the pre-license education work and passed a comprehensive licensing examination may seek licensure following the requirements for initial license set in the WV Code § 30-40-12 and § 30-40-13.


  Applicants with a current license in the state in which they completed the pre-license education work and passed a comprehensive licensing examination may    seek licensure if they meet the requirements of W. Va. Code §30-40-15 and the requirements of the Commission's Rules.


All non-resident applicants are required to take the state-specific portion of the licensing examination.

All required forms can be downloaded from the Commission website at :​

The application and all supporting documents can be submitted online via the following link:


OH and KY residents must contact the WV Real Estate Commission for specific requirements based on the signed Reciprocal Agreements.



To initiate the process, applicants for a Broker or an Associate Broker license are required to submit the following:

1.    Completed in full application to SIT for the Broker licensing examination with all signatures notarized.

2.    Application fee in the amount of $25.00.

3.    Certificate of licensure from all jurisdictions where the applicant currently holds or have held a real estate license. The certificate must be obtained within 60 days prior to applying for a license in West Virginia and shall, at minimum, show:

·         Name and address of the licensee;

·         Status of license (current, active, inactive, renewed, expired, etc.);

·         Type of license (salesperson, broker, associate broker);

·         Date of initial license and expiration date;

·         Period of time the license has been active and inactive;

·         The way the license was obtained (by examination or by reciprocity);

·         Type of examination(s) - national and state or only state;

·         Record of any disciplinary actions against the licensee; and

·         Any additional information the Commission may require.


4. Affidavit of residency form and a copy of his/her driver's license or voter's registration card.

5. Non-resident Irrevocable consent for service form.

6.  Statement-Out-Of- State form.

7. Surety Bond

8. State and National criminal record history report. To accomplish that please

   follow the directions included here:

 9. Subordination Resolution (Managing Broker candidates only).

10.Trust Fund Account and Consent to Examine form. (Managing Broker candidates only).


After passing the exam, the applicants are required to submit:

1.     Page 15 of the WV Real Estate Commission Candidate Handbook.  Please make sure you complete the form in full: include your name & current address and sign it. Select one of the license options listed on the form. A copy of the Candidate Handbook may be downloaded from or

  1. Completed application for a Broker license found here (Broker Application) or an application for Associate Broker, found here:,  if you are not going to be the Designated Broker for the company. 

3.     Original examination certificates received from PSI after the exam/s.

  1. Include a check or money order in the amount of $150 for broker or associate broker license. Make the check payable to the West Virginia Real Estate Commission.

5.     Copy of company's registration with WV Secretary of State to do business in WV. You must be listed as a member or an officer of the company in order to be a Designated Broker.​