Examination Info


Examination Information


Please note the following changes: IMPORTANT UPDATE- There will be NO exam in March!!

This change will not affect the current process in place, except for the testing. All candidates shall continue to submit to the Commission a fully completed application with a $25 application fee, certificate of education completion, and criminal background check report. The Commission will determine eligibility and then notify PSI (testing company) about the candidates that are eligible to test. PSI will then notify the candidates on how they can schedule for testing.

There will be 5 locations available for testing: Charleston (Dunbar), Beckley, Bridgeport, Hagerstown, MD, and Pittsburgh, PA. (See assessment center locations and directions here) Testing Center info.pdfTesting Center info.pdf

It is anticipated that testing will resume on April 10, 2017. Meanwhile the Commission will continue to collect and review applications in preparation for April testing.

We believe the change to an on-line examination provider is long overdue, and will be a huge improvement in the process of becoming a licensed agent in WV. As a Commission, we have made it a priority to improve our processes in order to better serve the public!


                                                                                                          Thank you!!