Obtaining A Salesperson License
Basic Salesperson Licensing Requirements
Every applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
Every applicant must be a High School graduate or equivalent (GED) and an accumulative of ninety (90) hours from an approved pre-licensing education provider.
None Required
If you currently hold or have held a real estate license in any other state, you must contact the respective state’s Real Estate Commission and obtain a Certification of Licensure.  The original certification must be submitted with your application OR prior to the examination deadline.  The certification must be submitted within 60 days from the date it was created.  Do not submit a copy of your license in lieu of a certification.
All applicants for an original Broker, Associate Broker, and Sales license are required to submit to a state and federal criminal background check prior to approval of the application and taking the licensing examination.
Pre-Licensing Education Requirements
Ninety (90) clock hours (six credit hours) of pre-licensing real estate education is required prior to submission of application. The pre-license education must be satisfactorily completed from a "Commission Approved" course provider. In order to be accepted, all pre-license education must have been completed during the five year period preceding the application date. The original certificate of course completion must be attached to your application to enable you to be scheduled for the examination.
Education requirement for Salesperson applicants who are currently licensed or previously licensed in other states:
Partial credit may be granted for real estate courses completed in other licensing jurisdictions.  No substitution will be allowed for the 30-hour portion of the 90 hour salesperson pre-licensing requirement, which covers the West Virginia Real Estate Licensing Act and Legislative Rules.
Non-Resident Information
All non-resident applicants are required to:
Obtain certifications from all Commissions or License Divisions in which they currently hold or have held a real estate license. The certification shall indicate the type of license held, the length of time the applicant has held the license, if the license was secured by passing a written examination, and clearly state whether or not the licensee has ever been subject to any disciplinary action. Send the original certification(s) of license with the application. Certifications that are dated more than 60 days prior to filing the West Virginia application will not be accepted.
Submit to fingerprinting and a criminal background check.
Comply with all provisions of the Real Estate License Act (WV Code § 30-40) and Legislative Rules.
Submit the following documents, in addition to your application:
Affidavit of Residency.pdfAffidavit of Residency.pdf and a copy of your driver's license or voter registration form
Reciprocal Licensing
At it's meeting on February 15, 2017, the West Virginia Real Estate Commission moved to eliminate all currently in use reciprocal agreements which allow full reciprocity between West Virginia and the counterpart state.
Out-of-State licensees who wish to obtain a WV license (Salesperson or Broker), will be required, in addition to the current requirements, to pass the WV Specific portion of the licensing examination for Salesperson or Broker.
Application Fee (first time filing):                   $  25.00

Examination Fee:                                               $  96.00

Original Salesperson License:                          $  75.00

Salesperson Renewal Fee (annual):               $   75.00    (late fees apply; see fee schedule)
All completed applications will be submitted to the Commission for review at the next scheduled meeting.  No application will be presented to the Commission prior to the receipt of all required supplemental documentation.