Continuing Education

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Continuing education is defined as a specialized learning activity designed to provide new or enhance existing knowledge, skills and abilities of real estate professionals and enable them to practice real estate brokerage business in a manner that protects the public interest.


To maintain an active license, every licensee is required to complete seven (7) hours of continuing professional education for each fiscal year in courses approved by the commission. To receive credit, the courses must be taken during the fiscal year preceding the fiscal year for which the licensee is applying for license renewal.


Exempt from this requirement are:



  • A licensee who held a license on 07/01/1969 and renewed it continuously thereafter.
  • A licensee who is on inactive status.
  • A licensee who qualified for a license by passing both the national and state licensing examinations during the fiscal year of his or her first required renewal if the licensee renews on or before June 30 of that fiscal year.



When a licensee on inactive status wants to activate his/her license, he or she must satisfy the requirement for continuing education which would have been in place at the time the license was renewed.


Non-resident licensees must comply with the requirement for continuing education. However, if the non-resident’s jurisdiction has a comparable continuing education requirement and recognizes West Virginia continuing education credits as fulfilling that jurisdiction’s continuing education requirement, the Commission will accept continuing education credit earned in the other jurisdiction. Distance education courses must meet WV requirements for approval in order to be accepted.


Continuing education courses to satisfy the requirement for license renewal may be offered only by approved providers and taught by approved instructors. Please see "Approved Continuing Education Courses" for a current list of approved education courses.

Provider/Instructor Information


In compliance with WV CSR § 174-3.3 all real estate courses, course providers and instructors must be approved by and registered with the Commission prior to advertising or offering. Applications for approval shall be on forms prescribed by the Commission and through a process prescribed by the Commission. The required approval fees must be submitted with the application. 


All distance education courses must have ARELLO certification.


Information regarding the application and required forms is provided in: “A Comprehensive Guide to Real Estate Continuing Education”A link for the forms are provided below:





Additional Prescribed Forms: