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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​**Beginning January 1, 2023**

As per WV CSR §174-2.17a, paper processing of requests for transactions for which are available online will be charged a $10.00 processing fee.

This is a  list of all forms for candidates, licensees​, and complaints.  For education related forms, please see the Providers & Instructors page.  Please ensure all fees and pertinent documentation is submitted when mailing them into the Commission.  Online payments for all change filings and certificates of licensure are not available at this time.​  For more information on a criminal background check click here​.​  You can refer to the fee s​chedule for more information on required fees.  

Chan​​ge Filing Forms​​

Letter of Good Standing​

online Exam Applications​

Follow the link to the online application to sit for the salesperson or broker exam.  You will need a copy of your WV Pre-license Certificate of Course Completion. Please download, complete, and upload the following documents applicable to your profession:

*Affidavit no longer needs​ notarized*

PAPER APPLICAT​​IONS to sit for exam​

Below are links to all mail-in p​​​​​​ape​r applications.  There is a $10 paper processing fee added to each a​pplication fee.

Salesperson R​​​esident

Salesperso​​​n Non-resident

Associ​​ate Broker/Broker Resident

Associate​ Broker/B​roker Non-resident​

RE-Take the Exam

​Please fill out the re-take exam application and email it to reclicensin​g@wv.gov


Salesperson/Associate Broker ​​Application

Mail in or to apply online (you will need your broker’s name and company number found on their license), upload pass certficates and the following documents:

Broker App​​​lication

Mail in or to apply online​ upload your exam pass certificate(s), a copy of you ID, and the following documents:



​​Mail in application.  Please see forms above that must be submitted wtih this document.


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