​​​​​​​​This is a  list of all forms for candidates, licensees​, and complaints.  For education related forms, please see the Providers & Instructors page.  Please ensure all fees and pertinent documentation is submitted when mailing them into the Commission.  Online payments for all change filings and certificates of licensure are not available at this time.​  For more information on a criminal background check click here​.​  You can refer to the fee s​chedule for more information on required fees.  

Chan​​ge Filing Forms​​

Letter of Good Standing

Exam Applications​

License Applications   

Broker and Associate Broker F​​orms 

   ​To sit for Exam

  • Broker E​xperience and Proof of Salesperson Training F​orm

    After passing Exam​​

Non-Resident Forms​

   To sit for the exam:

​    After passing the exam:​