West Virginia Real Estate Commission
West Virginia Real Estate Commission West Virginia Real Estate Commission

National Criminal Background Check

​​​All applicants for an original Broker, Associate Broker or Salesperson license are required to submit a state and national criminal background check prior to registering to sit for the exam. All criminal background checks expire after (90) days after the report issue date. 

WV State and Federal Backg​​round

You will need to use the service code to register for your background check so that the results are transmitted directly to the Real Estate Commission.

We are legally not allowed to share any results via email, mail, fax, etc. with any party, including the applicant who submitted to the background check.  If you wish to obtain the information from your record, you may submit to another background check (fee required) OR you may come to the Commission's office in person. Please call prior to arriving, as the clearance to discuss such things is confidential and limited to few people.

NOTE:  After submitting your exam application and background check, our licensing department will pull your background check from the system, you do not need to contact the REC.  

WVREC Service Code:  228Q6K
​To schedule an appointment​, please visit: https://uenr​oll.identogo.com/

Challenge Background Check​​

If you believe your background check contains inaccurate information, you may request a change or correction by contacting the West Virginia State Police or the FBI.

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