Criminal Background Checks

All applicants for an original Broker, Associate Broker or Salesperson license are required to submit to a state and national criminal background check prior to approval of the application. All criminal background checks must be completed and received at the Commission prior to or on the date of the determined examination deadline in order for the applicant to be eligible for the next available scheduling.  All criminal background checks have a ninety (90) day expiration. 

​To schedule an appointment, please visit:
Use service code: 228Q6K

 Non-West Virginia Resident- Please contact 3​04-352-4205 to speak with licensing.​

 State and Federal Background (if authorized by WVSP and FBI)..........................$45.75
You will pay the above fee at the time you appear for your appointment, and the results will be transmitted directly to the Real Estate Commission.
We are legally not allowed to share any results via email, mail, fax, etc. with any party, including the applicant who submitted to the background check. 
If you wish to obtain the information from your record, you may submit to another paying the fee, OR you may come to the Commission's office in person. Please call prior to arriving, as the clearance to discuss such things is confidential and limited to few people. We encourage you call and make an appointment with someone at the Commission's office. 
How to Challenge and How to Obtain Your FBI Identity History Summary: Challenge of Criminal History Record.pdfChallenge of Criminal History Record.pdf

Acceptable Identification Documents:

WVSP has approved a standard list of acceptable identification documents allowed for use by contributors that utilize the IDEMIA (MorphoTrust) vendor network.  This change will clarify the identification document requirements and prepare all groups for future system updates utilizing a document authentication reader that will be installed in all IdentoGO Enrollment Centers. Each applicant will be required to produce one of the allowed documents, each of which are able to be scanned and verified with the use of the document reader.

The updated list of documentation required for identification purposes is listed below:


Identification Document Allowed    Identification must be valid and not expired


Driver's License issued by a State or outlying possession of the U.S.

Driver's License PERMIT issued by a State or outlying possession of the U.S.

State ID Card (or outlying possession of the U.S.) with a seal or logo from State or State Agency

Federal ID Card with a seal or logo from a Federal agency

Government ID Card with a seal or logo from local government agency

Commercial Driver's License issued by a State or outlying possession of the U.S.

Department of Defense Common Access Card

Employment Authorization Card/ Document (I-766) with Photo

Foreign Driver's License (Mexico and Canada only)

Foreign passport

Military Dependent's Identification Card

Permanent Resident Card / Green Card (I-551)

Merchant Mariner Card (MMD)

Military ID Card

Passport Book or Card

Enhanced Tribal Card (ETC)


Uniformed Services Identification Card (Form DD-1172-2)