Below are PDFs of both the West Virginia Real Estate Licensing Act and Legistlative Rules.


WVREC Licensing Act.pdfWest Virginia Real Estate License Act.pdf   (West Virginia Code §30-40)


Legislative Rule 174-1.pdfLegislative Rule 174-1.pdf   (Requirements in Licensing Real Estate Brokers, Associate Brokers, and Salespersons and the Conduct of Brokerage Business)


Legislative Rule 174-2.pdfLegislative Rule 174-2.pdf   (Schedule of Fees)


Legislative Rule 174-3.pdfLegislative Rule 174-3.pdf   (Requirements in Approval and Registration of Real Estate Courses, Course Providers and Instructors)


Legislative Rule 174-4.pdf Procedural Rule 174-4.pdf   (Procedure for the Investigation and Resolution for Complaints and Contested Case Hearings)