Pre-Licensing Education

Prior to testing, each applicant must obtain the required amount of pre-licensing real estate education: 


Salesperson - 90 hours
Broker - 180 hours 

  • The ninety hour (six credit hour) course prescribed for applicants for a salesperson's license shall consist of:
  • 30 clock hours - Real Estate Principles and Practice
  • 20 clock hours - Real Estate Law
  • 20 clock hours - Real Estate Finance
  • 20 clock hours - Real Estate Appraisal 


The additional ninety hour (six credit hour) course prescribed for applicants for a broker's license shall  consist of:

  • 30 clock hours- Brokerage Operation and Management

  • 25 clock hours- Human Resources Management and Interpersonal Skills

  • 35 clock hours- West Virginia Specefic Real Estate for Brokers


The grading scale for all course providers offering mandatory pre-licensing real estate education shall be:  


A - 95-100%
B - 86 - 94%
C - 75 - 85%
D - 71 - 74%
F -   0 -  70%


In order to sit for the real estate examination, the applicant must have earned a grade of A, B, or C in each subject area. 
After a student has successfully completed an approved pre-license education course, the approved provider shall supply the student with a certificate of course completion which certifies the student's name and address, the course completion date, the number of hours in each subject area, and the letter grade earned.
All approved providers shall maintain records indicating the students who have registered for each course, the completion date of the course and the final results of their attendance. These records must be maintained for a minimum period of five (5) years and are subject to inspection by the Commission or its authorized representative. On December 31 of each year, every approved provider shall compile a list of the students completing each class during the previous calendar year and submit the information to the Real Estate Commission prior to January 31 of the succeeding year. Provided, that Post-Secondary Education Institutions approved under Section 30.1 of this rule are exempt from this paragraph.
The Commission will accept pre-license education courses approved by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency of any other licensing jurisdiction in meeting West Virginia pre-license education requirements if the jurisdiction offers the same privilege to West Virginia. The Commission will not give credit for classroom hours earned in excess of the number of hours awarded by the other jurisdiction.

For a current list of approved Real Estate salesperson pre-licensing education providers, please open the link: Pre-license schools, salesperson
For a current list of approved Real Estate Broker pre-licensing education providers, please open the link: PRELICEN_Schools-- BR education-03-2017.pdfPRELICEN_Schools-- BR education-03-2017.pdf