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Renewal Season Q&A!


​Renewal Season ends on June 30th, 2024! Licensees have one more month to renew their license(s) before it goes into Expired status.

We have had a few repeat questions over this renewal season, so we would like to address them here with a Renewal Q&A.​

  1. Can I renew over the phone? No, but you can renew online or request a paper application. To renew online visit the Quick Links box on the bottom of our homepage. To request a paper renewal form, call or email us. Please note there is an additional $35 paper processing fee for paper applications. 
  2. I am a Broker and I've done my 7 hours of CE and it says I am not compliant? If you hold a​ Broker or Associate Broker license, WV Law now requires 3 of your 7 hours to be Broker specific CE. If you only did Salesperson education, you will not be able to renew. If you have completed your CE correctly and it has been more than 24 hours since course completion, please call the Commission.
  3. Where can I check to see if my CE has been reported? Your CE Broker account. Please note that it takes 24 hours after completion for the credit hours to be reflected on your account.
  4. I am on referral status, how do I renew? The state of WV only has four license status types: Active, Inactive, Expired, Canceled. Referral is NOT a license status but a type of real estate business. For a licensee to do referral work they MUST have an active license, or else they are in violation of the law. 
  5. Can I use my CE credit hours from another state? Generally speaking, no. All our approved courses are available in the scrolling banner on our homepage and under Education. If you have taken a course on that list, we will accept those credits. We do accept NAR approved Ethics courses.
  6. Do I need ethics this year?​ The Commission does not have an ethics requirement. Please contact your local board/organization who may have an ethics requirement.
  7. It isn't recognizing me?! Your website says I don't exist! To trouble shoot this issue, check to make sure you selected the correct license type. If you are a Salesperson, but select Broker renewal on accident, you will receive this error. You will also need to put in your ENTIRE license number, letters and numbers, with no dashes or spaces. (ex. WVBxxxxxx, WVAxxxxxx, WVSxxxxxx, WVxxxxxx) If you are still having issues, call the Commission to verify your information.
  8. I moved out of state and a pop-up window says I need to fill out an Irrevocable Consent form? I can't renew! This is just a pop-up window alerting you that since you are no longer a resident we require the Irrevocable Consent for Service form. You can close out this window and continue to renew, it does not prevent you from renewing. You will still need to fill out the form and email it to the Commission. This form can be found under Forms on our website.

Make sure to renew before the deadline! Keep in mind that Expired licensees have to pay late fees to renew. Avoid additional fees and headache by renewing today! ​

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