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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Requirements for a Salesperson Licensed in another jurisdication

Applicants must:

  1. Have a current salesperson license in another state and passed a comprehensive licensing examination.
  2. Submit National Criminal Background Check
  3. Provide a Certification of Licensure (license history) from every state you are licensed.
  4. ​Pass the state portion of the licensing exam.​​​
  5. Obtain a sponsoring broker with an active West Virginia Broker License (WV ​Broker Roster).

*Reciprocity Agreements​ for Ohio, Kentucky, and Florida residents.

Qualifying to sit for Examination

  1. Sub​​​mit application for exam online. ​**As of February 12, 2024 we are no longer accepting paper applications**​

  2. ​Submit fingerprints for national criminal history check​.

  3. Upload or include with online application:

    • ​Copy of driver's license 

    • Irrevocable Consent​ (non-residents of WV only)

    • ​​Certificate of​ Licensure from each state​ licensed.​​

​​​O​nce your application is approved, you will receive an email from the testing vendor​ to schedule your exam date. If you do not receive the email from the testing vendor within 72 hours, please contact the licensing department at REClicensing@wv.gov​.  Y​​ou have ninety (90) days OR two attempts (whichever comes first) before you have to resubmit an application to sit for the exam. ​

​​You have ni​nety (90) days to apply for a license after you pass BOTH portions of the exam.

Do you need to apply to re-take the exam?​

Completing the License Application 

  1. Complete the online application and upload the following: ​

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