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WV Physical Office Requirement, What Broker's Need to Know



All brokers must have a definite place of business in West Virginia

In order to comply with the new legislation §30-40-17(a)(1): 

  1. Fill out the Application for WV Physical Office Address.

    1. Your mailing address may reflect the address you wish to receive communication from the WVREC.

  2. Mail in your signed Broker license so we may issue you a new license with your West Virginia address.  You may email form and license to WVREC@WV.GOV

  3. All licenses must reside in the West Virginia location.  You may have a file, binder, etc containing all WV licensees associated with your brokerage available at this location. §30-40-17(a)(2)(5).

  4. There must be a sign on or close to the door of the WV location §174-1-13.1.

  5. All WV transaction files for the past 5 years must be at, or accessible from, your WV office location. §30-40-19(a)(28)

If you wish to continue to hold your license in WV but not actively practice:

  1. Fill out the Change of Status form found on our website and return it and your license to the WVREC.

  2. You must continue to renew your license yearly and pay the corresponding fees.  You do not need to complete any continuing education.

  3. At anytime you may convert your license to active by:

    1. Filling out the Change of Status form;

    2. Completing seven (7) hours of continuing education; and

    3. Filling out the Change of Physical Address form (fee may apply).

Not renewing your license by June 30 of any year will result in your license being put in expired status.  Once your license has expired, it will be canceled on December 31 of that year.  You cannot renew a canceled  license without possibly taking pre-license education and/or taking the national and state examinations.

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